Car or vehicle detection

Any chance you can add car/vehicle detection?

I find that the ups guy can pull into my driveway, drop off a box and leave without being filmed on the camera.

It would be nice if they started recording when a car pulls up.


This function is considered and will be realized in this year.


Asking for this for a while now. Super happy to hear it’s on the “working on it” pile!!!


I am very happy to hear this is being considered! Vehicle detection would really be great!


It’s an AI feature that would be available on their “new” Eufy Cam3 at a higher price point. So this is not a software update. So although it’s cool that they’re adding this feature, just to be clear…it’s not for the devices we already own.

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Lets hope it works for current cams. It’s a software fix I would think. (Hope)
I don’t need it to tell me it’s a Honda FIT detected… just any large moving object that continues on. Not wagging back and forth within a very limited space ( bush…tree branch…sun glint on the ground )
The only thing that would change is the time required for the AI to make the call that it’s persistant motion. A battery hit and slower notification time… both I would gladly accept on my cams that required it.


This AI appears to track even parked vehicles… way more sophistication than I need. Just want some of my cams to capture humans and big moving objects… and ignore everything else.

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Ignore things that wiggle


Unfortunately @Sobrevilla your probably right…

Yep… probably right. And needs homebase 3 of course. :slight_smile:

Is there any update on the vehicle detection as I have just purchased the doorbell and it still doesn’t detect my car when I pull up.

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Mengdi - looks like you said this feature would be live back in 2021, it’s now 2022 and I have a duel camera doorbell, I’ve gone through every setting in the app, and don’t see vehical/car detection anywhere. Any update here?

+1 to this request. I just recently bought and installed the new dual camera doorbell, and to my surprise I don’t receive notifications when a car comes up my driveway. I’d really enjoy a way to get my camera to capture and notify me when a car enters my driveway.


Agreed, would also like an update. On various threads, Eufy has promised features like geofencing, better scheduling, and vehicle detection, but months/years have gone by after the promised timeline. Can’t in good conscience recommend Eufy to new customers without some of these key features.

January 2021 feature is coming…soon 1.5 years later and nothing? Wtf

Yes, I would like to see a car coming down my driveway., not just a human, by then it’s too late.

I’ve left off buying a seperate device for vehicle detection in the hope an outdoor sensor with this capability was being produced to add to my battery doorbell 2k. How long will this be. Or is it never going to happen.

This isn’t for the Doorbell Camera, but the Outdoor Cam Pro which I am shocked doesn’t have vehicle detection built into the AI. The only way I can get it to work properly is if I have “All Other Motion” enabled, but that causes TONS of false notifications every day - sometimes one every couple of minutes specifically when there is zero movement detected on the clip it records. The amount of false notifications I received yesterday was probably the worst so far and it has me considering moving to a new platform if this isn’t resolved sooner rather than later.

I think and hope vehicle detection can be added through software updates as on the Eufy website they say vehicle detection is coming to the floodlight cam 2 pro via a software update. This gives me and I hope everyone else peace of mind about the much requested vehicle detection feature.