Can't View 2K Video Directly from 2K Doorbell on iPad Air 2 (model # A1566)


As the title mentions, I am not able to view 2K video DIRECTLY from the 2K video doorbell on an iPad Air 2 (model # A1566) using the eufy app. I get an error message saying the device (iPad Air 2) is not supported for playing 2K.
I know that the iPad Air 2 is indeed capable of playing 2K video.

If I download the 2K video to another Apple device and share the file as an iCloud link then I am able to play the 2K video on the iPad Air 2.
I can also play HD (1080p) video directly from the 2K doorbell on the iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air 2 is also able to play 2K video files that are not related to eufy.

I have been in contact with eufy support for a couple of months about this issue.
However, eufy support can not fix this problem for me.

Even eufy support can play the 2K video directly on an Air 2 as they state,"they[eufy] have tested on Apple iPad Air 2 and seems are able to play 2K video directly from the eufy doorbell."

Is anyone else able to play 2K video DIRECTLY from the 2K video doorbell on an iPad Air 2 (model # A1566) using the eufy app?

Has anyone had this issue and were able to fix it?
If so, how?

Thank you.

@Neverwhere I have the exact same issue! It all started after one of their app updates. I had no problem watching the “2K Videos” before December. Now I get the message you’re describing. At times though, (not on the doorbell camera) you can still select to play the video and it still plays. However, not all the time. In my opinion, I believe it can be fixed with an app update…but don’t hold your breath to get it resolved anytime soon! :laughing:

I’ve reported several issues to Eufy in the past, but I really get the feeling there is a language barrier (or just competency in general). Sometimes they give “canned” replies, other times they miss the entire point and describe something out of left field. Like asking me for my home address and to fill out a form to do a return on my battery doorbell…when this was never brought up in my original email. Other times they ask me to do things that I clearly mention I did, etc. Unfortunately, every time they email me back, there is no thread of our conversation. Just a new email with the Ref #.

Yes, it should definitely be fixable… Maybe if enough people ask for it (before giving up and returning the eufy product).

every time they email me back, there is no thread of our conversation
Yes, I agree that keeping track of the entire conversation(s) would be very useful.

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My iPad and iPhone could both play 2k. Wasn’t the best experience on either but I could watch recorded events and live stream. No downloads and video was choppy. Was ok with that. Updated the app on iPad it it killed 2k. Didn’t update the phone luckily… still works.

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@chefrd Yeah, it’s a shame that an “update” (either app, camera, or home base) effects our devices to this degree. I really wish they would do a much better job in vetting these updates, than to use us as the beta testers for their products. :laughing:

Same here with the indoor 2k camera. Have to use my android phone instead

I have an iPhone XR, an iPhone SE (first gen), an iPad Pro and an iPad Air2, and the iPad Air2 is the only device incapable of playing or viewing live 2k videos from my doorbell.
For some reason, if I change video compression from High to Low, then it will work on the Air2, but obviously not at optimum quality on my other devices.

So my question to Eufy is, why does it work perfectly on my old iphone SE, running an Apple A9 processor with a display resolution of 1136x640, but the app is saying on my iPad Air2 that the spec is not high enough?

For Eufy to say it works on their Air2, then I say ‘prove it’, as there are many here who know otherwise.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have this problem with my iPad Air 2. Indoor camera, message is “this 2k video unavailable on this device.

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I have same problem on iPad Air 2.
Is this issue iPad Air 2 specific?

I have the same issue with 2k video and my iPadAir2! Selecting a 2k camera live I get the error message. Clicking on play a second time will start the live stream. Clicking on a recorded event gives the error message and nothing will get it to play in Eufy Security…download the video to the iPad and it will play fine! It’s sad that this has persisted as an error for almost a year now. I stopped purchasing Eufy devices until this is fixed! Android works fine…BTW, I am running iPad OS 15.1, my Eufy Security app updated 5 days ago and my iPad is a 64 GB iPad Air 2 model MH2M2LL/A. My guess is the app developers left this model off their version check table!

I have the same frustrating issue! IPAD AIR 2 doesn’t play 2K camera videos, other videos and cameras do play. PLEASE Eufy FIX IT

Same here. Just recently starting to refuse to play 2k on my ipad air2. was fine yesterday, now nothing. it has been my main monitor for checking. Pissed. I just got 2 eufy solo cams, and now I cant really use them. Nothing plays on the desktop, so using the ipad was my only way. I was telling others how much I liked these cams over the service crapped WYZE cams, and now… I am embarrassed. If eufy wants to descend to the junk pile with wyze, this is the way to do it.