Cant read number plates on cameras

Can’t read number plates on my camera will there be an update to solve this ?
I have two eufucam 2c cameras

How far away?

Over 10-15 ft is not possible.

I switched from 2c cams to cam 2 pros (2k). Better luck reading plates with the new cams at 20-25 ft or so with perfect conditions. Not a perfect answer to be sure.

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Thanks for that, yer struggling to read any plates from around 10ft. Cameras are located at the top of the house.
Do you think a hardware update would help this ?

Is the number plates readable from 20ft easily with the new cams ?
Was your 2c camera poor for reading plates as well ?

2k is better… but not by much. And reading a plate at 20 ft is hit and miss with a moving vehicle. If I can get a few numbers I’m happy.

These cameras can’t read license plates one the reason I bough them.