Can't login on HomeBase 2 after activating 2-factor authentication

So, after I have been prompted to activate the new 2-factor authentication, I cannot login to my Eufy app.

Here is what happens:

  1. I correctly type in my login information
  2. prompted to enter a by email received security code
  3. finding the just now received security code
  4. typing the correct code in
  5. receiving a error message (401), as shown below

So, what can I do? Is there a way to deactivate 2-factor authentication independently from being logged in to the app? Can I reset the HomeBase 2 to factory settings independently from being logged in to the app?


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I have had this issue where it sent 2 codes to my email, with the second being the one that worked. I would check and make sure you haven’t gotten more than 1 code and then enter it in. This could also happen if the app was closed out and you opened it again, thus requiring a new code than the one originally sent


Thanks a lot - I works by your help.