Cannot stream Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt on Android TV

UPDATED: I’ve bought Google Nest Wifi/Point and it can stream Eufy Indoor Cam on an indicated TV but it will be loading on TV till I press play button by TV remote.

I’ve bought an Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt and it looks cool and works properly except the Google Assistant integration. I’ve installed eufy Security app on iOS 14.0.1, added and linked to “eufy security” in Google Assistant and Google Home successfully.
But in Google Home when I tap the Eufy camera icon (named Camera 1), it displays text “This video stream cant be viewed here. If you have a smart display or Chromecast, you can ask the Assistant to stream it there”.
Ok, I have a Sony Bravia Android TV that added to Google Home/Assistant named “Guest TV” so I ask Google Assistant “Show me camera 1 on guest tv” and the answer is “Sorry, I dont know where to play the video. Please tell me the exact name of the screen”.
Note that I can “turn on/off guest tv” by Google Assistant as normal.
So I try to ask Google Assistant “Turn on camera 1”, the answer is “Sorry, that mode isnt available for the Camera 1” and follow a white rounded rectangle area with loading animated gif (spining circle), if I wait, it will keep loading forever, if I wait about 1 minute then tap, a play icon appears, tap it again then sometimes the camera 1 will show, sometimes nothing happens. It’s a painful experience.
So can you help me to solve this trouble? I just want to stream my camera on my Android TV.
By the way, has anyone ever streamed Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt on an Android (8 or 9) TV successfully? Thank you all!

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I’m having this same issue but with the regular indoor cam 2k

I have the same issue with both Pan&Tilt and the regular indoor camera.
I just cannot get it to stream either to my Windows Desktop or to Chromecast.
I have contacted support and waiting for a response.

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same here
this sucks

Did you already get an answer for it? I got the same problem