Cannot Conversate on Eufy Indoor Cam Pam/Tilt

Initially when I set these up in my house, I could carry a conversation with someone that was in the room with the camera. With the last IOS updates, now when I speak to someone, through the app, there is a delay after I stop speaking before audio is restored. Usually the person has already answered my question before the audio returns. Is there a fix for this? There are no updates for the app or the device itself, I’ve already checked.

Have you tried to just restart the camera or unplug the power cord?

Absolutely. The problem seems to be with the app. I tested it on my wife’s phone and the audio worked correctly with no delay. I updated her phones software and immediately the issue started. She was upset with me for updating her phone for that very reason, lol.

which version of ios? and the Eufy app is 477?

You need to send feedback through app.
use a phone to record the obsetvation and attach to to the feedback.

It will take Eufy a while to fix.