Cannot connect to application server

Have just switched over to WiFi connection instead of ethernet and am now getting the above error.
Only have the system, homebase and 2 cameras, a few days… Still getting used to it.
Should I reconnect to ethernet.
I switched to WiFi and moved the homebase to get better signal for one of the cameras.

I am thinking you may need to do the reinstall for the homebase. You were on ethernet but since going to wifi, the homebase not have needed access to the wifi due to the direct connection.

I think the homsbase reconnect will then need cam reconnect again.

I got that error briefly this morning but now it’s fine. I think Eufy had a brief outage on their server. Before you do anything, check and see if its OK now. You can do more harm uninstalling and re-installing stuff and not really solve the problem. If you still have issues, swap channels on your router and see if that helps.

It was only down briefly after all… But it’s gone again tonight… Is this common?

I haven’t seen that error except for Sunday AM for a long while. Depending on where you are in the world, it might be more common. It could also have something to do with your local ISP dropping connections or, since you are running your Homebase on Wifi, interference between your router and Homebase.

I used Wifi to find the best spot for the Homebase so it would give good signal to all my devices then ran cat 6 cable from there back to the router to get max performance.