Cannot Add Eufy system to Homekit

Recently purchased a EufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit from Amazon (renewed). My system consists of (2) 2C cameras and (2) 2C Pro cameras connected to a Homebase 2.

Despite numerous attempts…I am unable to add the Homebase and 4 cameras to my HomeKit system. I’ve tried adding via the iPhone Eufy app and also via the Home app on my iPhone.

I have tried to add the Homebase 2 via cat5 connection to a local router and also via wifi (I realize the instructions specify hard wiring is required.)

My home network is ab Orbi mesh system. I have tried to add the Homebase 2 via both the main router in my living room and also via the Orbi Satellite on the second floor (but with the cat 5 running from the satellite to the Homebase 2.

Any ideas what might be the issue?




Hi Tim,

I have the Cam2 cameras and homebase2 and this was a little struggle for me also. I found that you have to follow the instruction to set the whole kit up as a Eufy app only cameras. (Follow normal instructions)

Then once all the cameras and Homebase’s are connected to the app go into the Homebase’s settings and add the Homebase to the HomeKit (HomeKit setup). It will create a link.

Ive forgotten how to add the cameras but I think you have to go back into the homebases2 settings.

You’ve got to keep the app because that’s where your devices get their updates from.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your response…

The quote above is the only part that confuses me. My cameras are all up and running and working great on the Eufy app. But I can’t do the second part you mention…

“add the Homebase to the HomeKit. It will create a link”.

That’s the part that won’t complete. When I try to do that step I am prompted to “Add Bridge”…which I select. Then it spins and spins and never connect to the HomeKit.

Hope that makes sense.


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Same here. Did you solve this issue?

Hi, this is a common issue and pretty slow Eufy response.

Moderators please reply it is a huge software defect!