Can you connect the C220 Indoor Cam to the Homebase 3?

When I add a C220 Indoor Cam to my Eufy app there is no option to connect it to my Homebase 3. There’s only a WiFi option. This seems weird given that the C220 is a new camera. I’ve done a firmware update when I first installed it so I’m assuming it’s lacking the feature to add it but I wanted to check.

The main issues being that:

  1. I therefore need to buy an SD card and store images on that rather than use the Homebase 3 storage
  2. I can’t include it in the Security schedules so need to set it independently
  3. I can’t use the AI face recognition from the Homebase 3

From what I read it should be… And it has the ability to record on HomeBase 3 for now. It won’t be able to use its AI features as of yet, unless they have sorted that out.

Open up the cameras settings and tap on the HomeBase Connection.