Can you access the Eufy wired doorbell from your Windows 10 PC?

Can you access the Eufy wired doorbell from your Windows 10 PC?

Thank you for reaching out @electriceye!

For the wired doorbell setting, due to the privacy concern, we have made the setting only available to changed on the user’s mobile device via eufy security app(iOS and Android).

According to our customer demand, we have made the LiveView available on the web channel, when you access:

Hope this information helps. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


Note that you will not be able to access the recorded events on PC though, unless you subscribe to cloud storage!

I suggest the Eufy look at an alternative to using flash for showing the live camera. Most browsers are blocking flash by default and will eventually drop support altogether.


i agree with @java007md - Flash is being abandoned this year by Adobe and Flash even when it was being supported well was usually filled with security flaws. The web feed is ok but not great. Many people working from home, I myself have found being on my PC would be easier to use a Win10 App as getting more deliveries to the house for personal and work.


Yes, this is a serious and unnecessary shortcomming. If I were to loose my phone or it was stollen, I could be waiting days before I was able to access the recorded videos. This is a serious hole in the system and it needs to be changed. I don’t need a playback area just a means of downloading the video files to my PC.

Download the Bluestacks android emulator, install it on your PC, then download the Eufy Android app. You’ll have all the functionality of the android app on your PC and be able to save your video clips to the PC. Its a pretty painless process.

The app is available from Be careful as there are several copycat sites that serve up bluestacks with adware. Its meant primarily for gamers and shows several game ads at startup, but after that, its clean.

You can get the Eufy Security app from Google play or you can find it at Sometimes it will take a day or so to get the latest version here but my experience is that the files are exact copies of what is available at Google Play without any additional crap.

Once you install Bluestacks, just download the Eufy Security app and click on it to install. I’ve been using this as my primary way of viewing all my cameras and have it on a dedicated PC with a decent monitor that’s on all the time.

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Just an update on this topic. As of version 3.1.0 994(US) of the app, Eufy has broken the ability of the app to function using Bluestacks. I contacted support and they said that they were surprised anyone was using Bluestacks to run on Windows. They didn’t sound like they cared very much. My reply to that was that since Eufy has never produced the promised Windows app, a lot of us use Bluestacks with the Android app. Got the standard reply that they would pass this one to Engineering, but I’m not holding my breath.

I just grabbed a copy of the older 3.0.0 994(US) app version and installed that on Bluestacks. It still works fine and since I don’t have any of the new Solo cams, I am not giving up anything using it. If anyone else is using Bluestacks it won’t hurt to contact support and ask them to either fix the app so it works using Bluestacks or produce the long promised Windows app.
You can reference ticket #37395941 so they see people are serious.

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Hi, do you know where Bluestacks download the videos to?