Can we get a "Don't show again" for this alert please?

I’ll keep ky advice to myself


Also, I’m not sure where it’s getting this 89 times number from, but it seems a bit off.

Another thing to add to the “do not show again” list is the “youve left home and changed to away” alert.
I dont want a notification for that but its set up as a motion alert so either you turn off all notifications for motion or what i have done is always stay in home mode.
Sucks but that notification is really annoying.
I left home the other day, 1 min later get the notification. Thinking its the delivery of the parcel im waiting for a had to pull over to check the camera but looked and nothing, i then looked at the notification and realised what it was. Yelled at the stupid app for that and checked it out when i got home and another notification when i got home.
I dont want that notification so add it to the never show again list.

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They added it.
So they do listen and they do add things but there are lots of things they dont add and dont listen to us about.