Can the Eufy doorbell record earlier?

Is there a way to start recording earlier and last laster? I am getting people at the door, not walking up. And lasting maybe 3 seconds and ending while still in view of the camera. Please help! This is not what I was expecting when purchasing.

This is likely technically impossible. A buffer of three seconds requires the camera to continuously record. The power provided through the wires is enough to keep the battery charged (even though it’s not much), but not enough to keep the battery charged ánd have a three second buffer. There is simply not enough power for that. It recharges when the doorbell is not filming.
That’s why you need a lot more power when using the wired doorbell.

What you could do is tweak the activity zone and sensitivity. I had to work with it a bit, too. I think I now have a good spot: I see people walk up. Though not when they set foot on my property. It’s kind of funny really, when I put the activity zone on the border of the property it picks up people walking by (who are not in the zone). Now that I put it a bit further inside the property it somehow needs people to be in the zone up until their waist.

I don’t know your front door situation, but fiddling with the settings may help out a lot. Though keep in mind it isn’t a flawless system.

I have the same question. I have the activity zone set to watch for motion (not just humans) at the end of our front walk, which is about 15-20 feet from our front door. But the recording starts with people standing at the door, usually with their back already to the camera as they’re walking away after delivering a package. So it seems like a lag of at least 5-7 seconds from the time a person enters the activity zone and the recording begins. This is a major problem, as it’s pretty hard to identify “porch pirates” from the backs of their heads.


Turn up your sensitivity under settings

I’m having the same problem now with my wired doorbell, where you have to fix the problem?