Can’t add eufycam 2 to Homebase 1

I’ve already connected 2 eufycams to my Homebase 1. Bought an extra eyfycam (2) but this one won’t connect to my Homebase. Tried to reset and even restart. Nothing works. Please help!

I think Eufy cam2 and 2c require HomeBase 2.

Return it and buy the kit with HomeBase 2 or try and get off ebay. I’ve seen a few.

Ah okay. My bad, I thought all these new devices were for homebase 2.

I quite like the specification of homebase 1. It’s much more feature packed minus home kit (I don’t use but I may do)

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Similar experience here, EufyCam to HomeBase#02 and support didn’t help

Weird…Eufycam 2 should work with Homebase 2 not 1 as far as I know.

I have 5 eufyCam 2 (T8114) cameras working on the HomeBase [psuedo 1] (T8001) since March.

Email with serial numbers an issue details,

My cameras are running firmware - System 2.6.1, Subsystem, the home base is System, Subsystem

Same here. Running multiple eufyCam 2s along with eufyCams (1) on the original Homebase (T8001).

Looking back through the update logs, EufyCam 2 support was added to the original HomeBase with software update v2.0.6.3. Eufy support was kind enough to push that update to me back in January (2020) when I contacted them and it’s been working fine ever since.

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Have you resolved this issue?

I do have the same problem here. I can’t connect Eufy Cam2 to Homebase Eufy 1.