Can see live feed but can't receive any notification and can't sync the videos on my phone or playback any recorded videos

hi there,
I have a very unique situation and I didn’t find any similar to mine online.
I have eufycam 2c. I set up it at home and everything worked perfectly. The internet at home is Fios. I connected the homebase to my router using the internet cable provided by Eufy.

I then moved the EufyCam 2c to a different location that has Charter’s internet. it has Netgear N150 wireless router WNR1000. I still connect the homebase to the router using the same cable provided by Eufy. However, this time I can only view live feeds. but I do not receive any notification on my phone when the camera detects any motion and start to record, nor does my phone can download or view any videos that were recorded.

When I brought the whole set back to my home and plug the homebase to my home internet, I can then views all the video recorded in the second location.

Did anyone have any similar issue? How did you solve it?
I contacted eufy and Charter for the issue, they were not very helpful.

One thing you might try is clearing the cache on your phone for the Eufy app. I suspect it is still looking for data from your original location. Failing that, you might have to re-install the app, so it knows the current location.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest you send an email to Eufy support and explain what you have in your post. The level of support from email much better than phone or chat.