Can I trigger the different Cam's alarms through automations?

Hello there,
is it possible, to trigger not only the basis stations alarm, but also the different camera’s alarms by automations? If the alarm is armed and motion triggered, I want every possible alarm sound turn on, not only the base stations…
Does anybody know about that?

Sure. You just set up an automation based on what you want to trigger off and then chain the actions so that each other camera alarm is fired off. If you want to trigger off more than one camera, just set up an automation for each device you want to trigger from. Then go through and select all the other devices that you want to alarm.

For example if you have 3 cameras that you want to trigger off. Set up 3 different automations triggering off each camera and including the other cameras and homebase alarms.

@Robin_K Yes, as @pysailr pointed out, create an automation. I have all my cameras ready to trigger an alarm when needed. The only downside is they only work per home base. Meaning if you have multiple home bases (such as a backyard and front yard home base), the cameras attached to each home base will only trigger. So if there’s an event in the backyard, all those cameras will alarm, but not those in the front because it’s on a separate base. Hope that makes sense, lol.

I’ve attached an image to give you an idea on how to create the automation. In this setup, anytime the home base is triggered, it will set off all the cameras to alarm and record. Meaning you can trigger it manually, if a camera’s anti-theft feature is activated, or through one of the mode setups. Hope this helps!!

Thanks for the infos. But I want to confirm again, that each of the cameras is able to fire an individual alarm sound, right? Not just the base station.

Thanks! I don’t plan to have two systems running by now. When I get to this point, they’ll eventually have updated the software :wink:

Correct. Each camera has an alarm that can be triggered by automation.

@Robin_K Yes, each camera has it’s own alarm. One of the best features IMO is the alarm will only sound after the motion is detected, but stop about 5-7 seconds after the event occurred.

Meaning you don’t have to manually turn it off. Which is great especially if you’re not home, bad cell service, or late at night. The individual camera can alarm and stop on its own given the amount of motion it detects.

And you are correct regarding the updates!! At times, I’m happy they are released to help fix an issue, other times I’m worried they’ll create a new problem :man_facepalming:t2:

Hello, is it possible to have the alarm to sound for longer than 5 seconds after an event?

@kathleen.msmith_is In regards to the Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pros, if the alarm is triggered by motion…it will sound for at least 5-7 seconds. However, if the motion is constant, it will retrigger again for another 5-7 seconds and so on until there is no more motion. If you set the alarm off manually, then I believe it goes on for much longer. I have never manually left it on for more than 10 seconds.

For the indoor 2K cams, when there is motion, it seems to trigger for over 20 seconds and does not stop, even if the motion has. Unfortunately, I have not done extensive testing on this end. The examples above are from actual events that have occurred.

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@kathleen.msmith_is I forgot to add, if the alarms are triggered by the anti-theft feature, and you have the automation setup like the screenshot from above…it will trigger for a while. I have always turned it off because it gets too loud. Especially if you have 4+ plus cameras in a certain area. So I know in this scenario it goes off for more than 5-7 seconds.

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@kathleen.msmith_is I did some alarm testing on the Cam2 Pro. Here’s what I noticed (depending on the setting):

If the individual camera is set to alarm (under modes), when it detects motion if will trigger for 5-7 seconds as I mentioned before. If the movement leaves the area (and the video stops recording) at this point it refreshes and starts all over again. However, if the movement is constant or stays in the frame, then unfortunately it will NOT refresh until the recording stops (which is dependent on your setting). In my example, I had it set for 60 seconds. At this point, it refreshed and restarted alarming. This to me is something Eufy needs to address. If someone is breaking into my car or my house, I need it to continue to alarm for more than the initial 5-7 seconds and not wait until the recording is over to refresh. So something I learned through this testing.

That being said…if you set the alarm off manually, it will trigger for 25-30 seconds at a time. Then you’d have to manually set it off again if the event is still occurring. So there is that option.

Now if you have several cameras, each individual one goes through the initial 5-7 second alarming series. Which is great if you have multiple cameras. Because if a person is moving throughout your property, each individual camera is alerting for those initial 5-7 seconds throughout (depending on you setting).

As for the anti-theft alarm. That one was the most successful! This alarm triggers for an initial 25-30 seconds. But will continue to alarm as long as there is movement on the camera. For example, if I briefly moved the camera, it triggers automatically for 25-30 seconds. But if I take it and move the device beyond the 30 seconds, the alarm will continue for another series of 25-30 seconds until the movement stops. Once it the camera is no longer moving, it will finish it’s alarming series and then stop. Hope this info helps out!

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This is all really useful. Only had my cameras for a week, so still working out how best to utilise. Thanks for all your suggestions and observations.

@kathleen.msmith_is Yes, agreed. The cameras take a few days to figure out (sensitivity, motion detection, zones, notifications, automations, etc). Also, what looks good during the day (depending on location), might not look great at night, and so on. Good luck!!

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Hello @Sobrevilla ,

i did a test today and if i set my eufycams to record and activate the alarm when my homebase alarm is triggered then my eufycam alarm goes on only once.
If i set my eufycams to activate only the alarm (without the recording) then the alarm goes on for more time.

Can you confirm this behaviour ? Maybe it is designed like this because nobody wants to let the alarms of all eufycams to go on indefinitely.

Thanks for your answer. I am still a newbie with eufycams !


Hello @Xalean. I just tried it on the Cam2 Pro. When I triggered the homebase (setup automation in advance for the camera to alarm when the homebase is triggered), there was no difference between when the camera was recording or not. It alarmed both times for 30 seconds each before both the homebase and camera stopped. Hope this info helps out!

Thank you for testing this. Did you set record and alarm on the automation for the cameras ? Or the recording on cameras were triggered by motion ?
I did the test with anti thief enabled to triggered the homebase alarm which triggered via automation the eufycams to alarm and record.
It seems that on my eufycam 2 pro the alarm goes on one time and then stop while recording.

@Xalean Good question. It was changed on the automation…one time to record and alarm, the second time just to alarm. However, I manually triggered the homebase to alarm which then set the camera to alarm for the 30 seconds. I didn’t do it as a motion trigger on the camera.


I’m trying to config the automation to trigger the cam alarm when the HB alarm goes off.
I have an Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt and I don’t see it in the automation action config, do I need to config something else first?


The indoor cams don’t talk to the Homebase, so they cannot do Automations. They are meant to be standalone products rather than integrated to Homebase ecosystem.