Can I connect and view cameras in 2 different locations?

Can I view cameras from two different locations on different networks? Eg My home and my rental house.

Yes you can, but they would have to be SoloCams.
You cannot use the eufycam & homebase combination for this. The homebase can be only on one location.

You could either use standalone solo cams or have a homebase at each location and view in the same app.

How can i use the same app for 2 different location and 2 home base . Please advise what to do. I have one already installed at home and all working perfect, i just bought another one for the shop and i need to install it on the same app. Thanks

Just hook your shop Homebase to internet and add it to your original app. Once the Homebase is added, then add the cameras to that Homebase.

I have tried to add the stand alone home base to my app from my second location, but it asks me to connect to the first wifi location and won’t allow me to proceed any further?? How do I add the new homebase up on the app with a different wifi setting?

You might have to set up the second Homebase at your home first and add it to the app there before moving it to your shop.

Also, it might only work at your shop if you use the ethernet connection, as the app doesn’t have a way to add a second wifi source.