Can I add any wireless cameras to my homebase


I want to add cameras to my existing homebase

My thought is use to use the other wireless camera instead of the 2C camera.

I’m hopping to phase the 2C cameras out and use the longer camera as I believe I can replace battery’s in them where as I can’t on the 2C.

Any advise welcome…


You can add other Eufy cameras to it. This should show you all the compatibility:

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As you can see from the other post here, you can add any wireless battery cam to Homebase2.

However, none of Eufy’s cams are designed for battery replacement. If you control your charging cycles to avoid overcharging or charge depletion, your batteries should last for over 100 cycles, so they would probably outlast you. I charge mine when they get to 50% and charge to 85-90%. Also, avoid charging when temps are below 40 deg F., as the electrolyte turns solid at that temp.