Can door sensors set off the cam alarms on away mode?

Is there any scope for the door sensors to set off the camera alarms on away mode or a security mode? At the moment you can set an automation to do this, but this means activating the automation everytime you leave the house rather than using the keypad of away mode.

As it stands, they can be set to set off the homebase alarm when triggered, but I don’t understand why they can’t set off the camera alarms too. A homebase going off inside seems pretty pointless.

Anyone found any work arounds on this.

Eufy, can you let us know if the check boxes to activate the camera alarms next to the door sensors will be added soon?


Yes, this is possible. Create an automation for when the homebase alarm is activated, you can activate the camera alarms. So then you only have to trigger the homebase alarm from the away profile when the sensor is activated. This should achieve what you want! You can lower the volume of the homebase alarm if needed.

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Thanks John,

Very helpful. So essentially:

  • any of the door sensors in AWAY mode set to activate Homebase alarm.
  • automation = when homebase siren goes do the following (set of all the cam alarms).


Thank you again, I’ll be trying this tonight.

I think it would be great if EUFY could do a separate powered outdoor siren that was really loud. It would basically mean the kit is as good as any serious alarm kit plus all the cam/smart features it already has.

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That’s right. Check in the profile which sensors should trigger an alarm and also configure the leave and alarm delay.

@Random I have this same setup for a few doors around the house (Storage Room, Side Gate, Electrical Box). If they were to open, all my cameras in these areas alarm and record.