Cameras stop working properly around 12 AM to 6 AM

Last 2 nights the cameras stopped working during this period first they started not sending notification then they start not recording motion , 6 AM rolls around they start working perfect.
(My cams a couple 2c’s and a 2k PTZ)
This is not due to my wifi , or my service provider , I have 3 other brand cameras systems that work fine during the same period
I don’t know if anyone has had this problem in the past , I just got my eufy cameras 5 days ago,
I can’t be sure about any other days just the last 2 nights.
I need my cameras to record motion outside , most of all , during this period of time
So, what’s going on ?
Anyone else notice this?

Did you set a schedule or geofencing mode in the app?

Default is 24/7 monitoring unless you change the settings I believe. I don’t mess with those settings, my cameras have worked normally all week.

No I have never set any geofencing or schedules , on top of that the outdoor cameras and the indoor camera geofencing or schedules , can be set independently from each other, as of right now my indoor camera doesn’t have the geofencing feature available on it

I have the same problem! My camera is working fine the whole evening. recording many events! After 12 its just stops recording most of the times…sometimes 1 or 2 events but usually nothing.

I contacted eufy, they send me a new camera but with the new camera i still have the same problem!