Camera's not on Mac

Anyone know how to get the camera’s viewable on my Mac…?

Other than the web portal?

If your Mac is an Apple silicone (M1,M2 etc) you can download the iPad version of the app from the App Store, this is what I have done anyway, I get notifications that way on my Mac.

Certain cameras, 2c and 2c pro can be added to HomeKit with Homebase 2 also

Thanks for that…I’ll try both…I did finally get them viewable on the portal…it’s just not that handy. Cheers.

Agreed, the portal is very poor

You can download an Android emulator and then run the Eufy app on that.

I have been using Bluestacks for more than 3 years now on my PC. Their current version 10 doesn’t yet support Mac OS, but they have an older version that runs on Macs.

One nice thing is you can directly save clips to the PC or Mac when using Bluestacks.

There are other android emulators available, but haven’t used them so I can’t comment on their performance.