Camera stuck in Motion Test Mode

So ever since I received my latest EufyCam 2C camera, I’ve noticed that it always behaves like it is stuck in Motion Test Mode. I’ve restarted it, un-paried and re-paired it, tried to force software and firmware updates but nothing I do will get it out of Motion Test Mode.

The only reason I know it’s stuck is because every time I walk in front of the camera, the red light turns on indicating that it’s seeing motion. However, NONE of my other EufyCam 2C cameras do this and I cant figure it out. And on top of this, the battery life on this particular camera is downright terrible. Because it’s constantly detecting motion when I don’t want it to, it’s gone from 100% to 30% in a week. For a company that brags about 6 month battery life, that’s a straight up LIE.

I’m open to any suggestions or ideas.

Sounds like you’ve done everything possible to fix it… Still under warranty? Contact eufy support to send out a replacement.
One thing to try__let the cameras battery totally drain out so it shuts down. Then charge it back up to full and see what it does.

Yeah I might have to contact them about it but I’ll try out your suggestion of draining the battery first and see what happens. The only other thing I can think of is that since none of my other cameras do it, it must be a firmware update that hasnt or wont be pushed to this camera for whatever reason. If that’s the case, then…huh?

Apologies for bumping this thread but I’m REALLY stumped on this and apparently, so is Eufy Support.

I contacted Eufy Support through the official channels and their BEST idea was to have me turn off motion detection all together…

I’ve unpaired, re-paired and synchronized this camera every way I can think of. It has the latest software and firmware updates. All of the settings match the other cameras and I’ve done everything else I can think of to make this camera NOT see me when I dont want it to but nothing has worked.

Because of the constant motion sensing, the battery life on this camera is now beyond terrible. 2 weeks ago, I charged all 4 of my cameras to 100% and left them on the charger for 5+ hours to make sure they were really topped off. Looking at the battery charge on this camera, it’s already down to 38% because of how often it detects motion.

It’s insane to me that the only fix for this issue is to turn off the motion detection all together but this “fix” is only a band-aid and completely negates the existence of the camera in the first place.

I’m open to any other ideas at this point.

Geez… Support was no help. Turn off motion detection really??
That’s all they got… They should have just requested you to return the cam.
I know you have done a lot of troubleshooting.
You say it appears/seems like it’s stuck in motion test mode.
If you haven’t done so yet engage the Test Mode for the motion detection on that cam for like 5 minutes walk in front of the cam to verify its operational, then turn off the test mode to see if it will turn off.
If that doesn’t fix it then I would initiate a return which you can do within the app on the help section.

Good luck!

Yeah, I sent them video of what the camera’s behavior is like, logs, screenshots…everything I could think of for them to diagnose the issue and the best idea they had was “Why not just turn off the motion detection?”. In my reply to that, I was not happy or kind and thanked them for absolutely nothing because after all of the hoops they had me jump through, that’s the best they could come up with. Turn off a setting that rendered the camera useless.

So at this point, I’ve turned off the status LED through the Eufy app (left it on through the Apple Home app) and set the motion “light” to the spotlight should it detect motion at night or whenever.

I just got so sick and tired of the motion detection light turning on whenever I would walk in front of the camera but my hope is that the battery life returns a bit now but I dont have high hopes for that either lol.

Demand a replacement. If you bought the cam on a credit card, you can write a note to your bank or card provider and get the charges reversed if Eufy won’t do anything.

I recently received my new EufyCam 2C camera, but I’ve been encountering a persistent issue with it being stuck in Motion Test Mode. I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps like restarting, unpairing and re-pairing, and even forcing software and firmware updates, but nothing seems to resolve the problem. Whenever I walk in front of the camera, the red light indicating motion detection turns on, which shouldn’t happen outside of Motion Test Mode. Interestingly, my other EufyCam 2C cameras don’t exhibit this behavior.

Whenever I walk in front of the camera, the red light indicates that it’s detecting motion, even though my other EufyCam 2C cameras don’t exhibit this behavior. Additionally, I’m disappointed with the battery life, as it has rapidly depleted from 100% to 30% within just a week. Considering Eufy boasts a 6-month battery life, this discrepancy is concerning. Regards

If restarting doesn’t work, you might need stovewise to perform a factory reset. This will erase all settings, so be sure to have your camera re-pairing information handy. Instructions for resetting the camera should be available in the user manual.

Once the motion detection issue is resolved, monitor the camera’s battery life. If it’s still draining faster than expected, you may need to contact Eufy support for further assistance or inquire about the possibility of a battery replacement. purple heart foundation car donation

Tough luck with the EufyCam 2C. Let’s follow these steps mepcobill:

  1. Give the camera a hard reset - it might need a firm hand to get back on track.
  2. Check for any sneaky physical obstructions that might be triggering the motion sensor unintentionally.
  3. Try adjusting the sensitivity settings to dial down it’s overenthusiastic “I see you!” attitude and save some battery juice.

If all else fails, it’s time to ring up Eufy’s customer support site. They might have some secret sauce to fix things or might suggest a replacement if it’s really misbehaving.

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