Camera stops detecting motion

Im beyond frustrated. Have had my eufy 2 cams up for a few weeks. I read ppl get theirs detecting cars, but ours cant even detect 10 feet in front of itself. Put up at recommended heights. The one cam only and always records 5 second videos…company is sending me one to switch it out. But even the other cam seems to not see 3 of us walking in front of it. Ex…3 of us in front of it like 8 ft away, records for 39 seconds, then a sec later records a 44 sec video. Doesnt capture either of the 3 faces. Have a short driveway, and doesnt capture me walking down it until basically directly in front of cam. I have them set to record 60 seconds. Im about to return the entire thing. Any suggestions for a better camera brand or ways to make this junk work for the purpose i bought for? We found a air pellet bullet on our front steps, so major reason for getting this was to capture ppl coming into driveway or road.


Same here. It’s so frustrating. I’d like to know too how to get this working

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Same here! Only the doorbell goes off every 8 seconds and the one on our shed. The other one stopped detecting motion entirely

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Eufy = Rubbish

Sorry to say this but you have bought rubbish

I have spen £500 on this eufy rubbish - I wish someone with plenty of money would take them to court for selling products that do not perform as specified (IMO)