Camera keeps going offline

Hello there new to this but does anyone have any info as to why one of my cameras keeps going offline after I reconnect to my home base.
It’s getting me frustrated now only had it about 3 months


See other thread: Homebase2: all cameras stopped working / not found

Same problem here - I have 2 cameras at the front door (as well as a doorbell). 1 keeps going offline - I can connect it by taking it down and re-adding it via the homebase but this is really frustrating.

The other 2 devices (one on the same wall) and a couple of feet of separation are all ok!

If I have to keep doing this, I couldn’t possibly recommend this system as an option for friends. Even resorted to a Wi-Fi extender a couple of feet away from the devices with no luck - very disappointing.

Take a look at the WiFi symbol in the app for each cam and see how strong. I was told by users on reddit that the cameras connect directly to the homebase and not the router, which I confirmed going through my client list. Since relocating the homebase to a better area to broadcast and receive, haven’t had any disconnects.

I think Eufy was playing with their AWS.
last night my cams had experienced “cannot access camera” but ok in the morning.