Camera image upside down

I have the EUFY 2K SECURITY INDOOR CAMERA PAN AND TILT - T8410C24. When I set it up, I accidentally did so as if it were going to be ceiling mounted. So the image is upside down. I have deleted it an re added it choosing the correct orientation- but it is still upside down. I can not find the controls to change this.

Can anyone help?



Its under “Mounting Guide” Rotate Image 180 degrees.

I did find this a little while ago, but it does not change!

Does the eufycam 2c have an option to rotate image 180 degrees? I can’t seem to find it.

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It doesn’t

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That’s a real shame. :frowning:

Thanks for confirming.

Hopefully coming soon as a new feature…

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Why? Just turn your camera 180?

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Because some of us need to mount the camera from e.g. a ceiling, wall, or under the eave of an overhanging roof.

Sure, you can physically rotate the camera 180 degrees on the mount, but 90 degrees needs to be adjusted for.

Eufy touts “Military grade data security” on the box but neglects to mention “but cannot rotate the image for your mounting needs”.

The camera is meant for ceiling/wall/eaves mounting. So I still don’t understand the need for 180 degree cam flip. You can manually do it with the cam itself.

You can activate 180° flip form the eufy app and it will apply for HomeKit

Got to settings, general, mounting guide, rotate image 180, turn off. It will flip your camera back to normal for counter top placement.

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Great asvise thanks