Camera Fog Issue

First time posting! I am having issues with two cameras appearing foggy all the time. Is there a fix for this? I added a screenshot to show. Thanks!

Have you tried cleaning the lens? Not with a paper towel as it will scratch the lens use something like a towel to clean eyeglasses. Are they like this all day, could be morning dew on the lens.

Is this fog on the outside of the lens or on the inside of the camera if it’s on the outside of the camera then it means the camera is getting warm during the day. Calling down at night time. Producing condensation on the lens. But if it’s on the inside then you probably need a way of not allowing the camera to warm up during the day. Not sure how this would be able to be done or stopped being warmed up during the day. Obviously this depends on the climate as well. But if it’s on the outside, you could coat the lens with a product called Clarex anti fog. It’s the same liquid that’s used on inside windscreens on cars to stop them from fogging up. Try that. But do check if it’s a compatible product to use on either the lens of the plastic cover that on the casing the lens looks through? See how you get on an let me know the outcome as I would be interested to find out the results…