Camera eufy 2K Indoor cannot reset

today, i dont know why my camera 2k cannot connect to the wifi , so i check the camera , i saw it’s Led just turn to purple, not the blue color as usual. therefor, I click on the sync button to reset it again but i dont hear any Beep sound, the camera’s led is still lit in purple, i can’t do anything else. Can anyone help me ?

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I have the same problem.
Did you got it working?

Same problem. Just got camera couple days ago. No matter how long I hold the sync button it won’t reset

Sometimes clicking the sync button 5 or 6 times in rapid succession will work to reset when holding it down doesn’t.

Did anyone figure this out? I’m having the same problem with 2k IndoorCam

The camera is probably trying to receive an update. Every time you try to sync it, it will have to restart. Leave it for a while and it will probably finish the update and start working.

Mine also doing the same now.
Like it’s stuck on some boot/initialisation loop.
Turns all the way round, then centralised itself, turns on the night vision lights then goes off.
Then just repeats the process over and over again.
Tried un plugging it, held down sync and tried pressing in quick succession.
Removed device from app, but now can’t add again because it won’t get out of this loop!! 🤷

Make sure that your Wifi is operating a 2.4-GHz channel, and make sure that its SSID is visible, not hidden. Sometimes having an “invisible” SSID causes problems.

Also, you might want to check for the possibility that somehow the unit’s speaker has become silenced. Go through the motions of resetting the camera’s Wifi connection, and after the point in time when you would normally have expected to hear the high-pitched beep and a voice prompt, just tell the app to go ahead as if you had heard them, and see if it connects and does its thing. (Remember, this happens via Bluetooth, so make sure that feature of your phone is enabled as well.)

Same here. It is non-responsive and just shows the purple light. I tried holding for longer, holding while plugging in, disconnecting for a long time. I think it just stopped working. My other indoor cams are working.

There was a firmware update this morning. probably a glitch?

you may try rapid reset button. must take sd card out.

I have the same problem. I removed the sd card. I tried resetting, but nothing works. Light loops eternally in solid purple.

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Try to change to another cable, same type

I had the same problem.
These steps worked for me:
1, unplug the power
2, hold the resetbutton for more then 10 sec.
3, left the camera for 15 minutes
4, put the power back on.

Wifi was detected and camera started working again.