Camera droops over time when mounted outside

I have two cameras outside that slow droop down over a matter of days. I’m not using the magnet mounts but the solid mount that has the pivot ball inside of it. I have the retainer tight enough by using pliers to tighten it without braking it but the camera still will start to droop down. Should I use some type of an adhesive inside the ball mount area to help secure it? I think the weight of the camera is what’s causing the mount to slowly droop down, I would have expected this not to happen as these mounts are designed for the camera.

What cameras? What mount? I have seen several designs that eufy has shipped. Some with a metal “ball” some all plastic. I replaced all mine with 3rd party stuff. But before I did…. The only fail was the magnetic mounts outdoors ( what dingdong designer thought that was a good idea? )

Also…. Finger tight was more than enough… could you be over tightening?

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You know, now that you mention it I went out and checked the mounts on my camera’s. The two that are drooping are the plastic ones you have pictured. Those must have came with my original purchase and I didn’t even realize they were a different design when installing my newer camera’s. Thank you for pointing this out as all my other cameras are using the metal design and I’ve not had any problems. I guess I’ll either purchase a couple of the eufy metal designed ones or an aftermarket design like you did.
Thanks again

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My two Eufy 2C cameras were spontaneously drooping but I found that squirrels were using them as convenient perches. One squirrel also had a habit of licking the lens one of the cameras, leaving it with a blurry image.

I had that happen also….lol

So you’re all buying separate mounts? Surely eufy should see this design flaw & replace the affected mounts, these cameras weren’t cheap!! I have the same issue, over a few days my camera looks at the floor :frowning:

I bought 3 metal blink camera mounts on Amazon for around $15 and they work much better than the plastic junk Eufy provides. The 1/4-20 camera mount is the same.