Camera doesn't always pick up people/cars

front door security camera isn’t always picking people or cars up that are coming up the drive or leaving. Seems to be very random. It might show someone going for a walk but not them returning. it shows them walking to their car but not leaving in their car. we all walk and get into our cars in the same direction but it doesn’t always pick us up. We purchased the unit on 1st August 2021. The batteries are fully charged. Any ideas?


I am getting the same issue with two out of the 3 cameras attached to my homebase. Got system as a Christmas present so has only been hooked up about a month. Came with 2 cameras and I just purchased another and added to the system this past weekend.New camera and 1 of the original are giving me problems.

We have the same problem with our doorbell camera. Very hit and miss to whom it picks up. I have deleted the activity zone and set it to highest sensitivity but still misses comings and going’s

We are having the same issue. It’s really disappointing.

Yeah the Eufy Cams SUCK! My wife just walked RIGHT by the camera to get to her car. It didn’t pick her up, but 20 minutes earlier it picked up the neighbor walking by. There’s nothing you can do about it.

My camera will literally trigger over a leaf blowing around, but my wife walks RIGHT in front of it, nope!

Never again buying any Eufy products. They are absolute garbage. My one camera died a while ago, not but months into use.



I have the same problem. The doorbell camera seems to pick up only about 1 in every 4 deliveries. Also, since the last app software update, I can’t get to my activity zone or sensitivity to adjust.

It’s really disappointing. They pick up a tree branch moving, 100yrds away. But not humans who walk in front and across the view of the camera. But it doesn’t record.!

I also find the Eufy 2c camera’s very unreliable and only record when thay want to so now I do not trust them and only rely on the door/window sensors to monitor the security of my house. The camera’s are crap and the Eufy support useless who do nothing to try and fix problems when you report it to them.

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Does Eufy ever monitor this community and reply to problems we have.

Same here my camera’s will only pickup what it wants l have taken my golf cart out and later when I check to see what it’s recorded during the day nothing shows up but cars passing the house :house:

@bro2179 Eufy are too interested in promoting and selling new products to monitor this forum and when one has a problem with any Eufy product its pointless contacting Eufy support because they are useless and do not have the ability to fix existing problems that is why I will not be adding to my security system because of that. Eufy do not worry about losing customers because they have already got your money from useless junk they sold you. As said before I now only rely on sensors to monitor my home as camera’s are junk and unreliable.

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Motion detection is tough to get right. Just for an example: if I walk left to right in front of a battery cam it will pick me up 40 ft out. And if I walk straight at that same camera a minute later , I can actually touch the camera before it starts recording.

A freshly started car will be missed completely. Its outside temperature is the same as the surrounding air temp. A PIR will miss that completely.

Think Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Predator. He covered himself in mud to make him harder to see with heat vision. And walking at the camera makes detection even harder. Ask any pilot and they will tell you …. Nothing is more dangerous than a plane flying straight at you. You see no movement until its right on top of you.

With the current hardware motion detection…. Mounting location is the key. For me I would really like a waterproof motion sensor to trigger the cams…. That way I could put the cam where it has the best coverage and put the motion trigger sensor ( or 2 ) where it works best.


I am getting the same issue with two out of the 4 cameras attached to my homebase. They used to work flawlessly but now they aren’t working right.:slightly_frowning_face: