Camera did not record

Once again the camera did not record. Sometimes it will but not when it matters. There was a crazed man outside my house while i was at work and my girlfriemd and kids stayed hidden inside until he left. This is unacceptable.

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I’m so sorry your children and girl friend had a scary experience. I hope they are okay now.
I wonder if your wifi bandwidth was changing. I noticed when our wifi was fluctuating, our camera was not able to record. Under camera settings we clicked on “Video Quality” and then changed the “Streaming Quality” from “High” to “Auto”. After making the changes our camera was able to record deliveries being made to our home with no problem. Auto automatically adjust the image quality according to network speed. I hope this helps.

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Open succeed.

As a Eufy doorbell owner , I wouldn’t trust Eufy products when I need them most. But at least we have a dancimg gift on the top corner of the app to tell use about other useless products.

Close succeed.

It has been in auto. Most of the time it records but even today when i came home and left again it did not record. There must be sime way to fix it. If it records most of the time it should all the time. That’s the point of security cameras and it is cery frustrating.