Cam I leave my eufyCam 2C charging all the time?


One of my cameras is used to watch my pets when im not home and I plan to use it more that just for motion detection, so I want to leave it charging all the time.

If I leave my eufyCam 2C changing all the time will that have a negative effect on battery life long therm?

What else can happen?


yes, leaving a lithium battery at 100% will dramatically shorten it’s lifespan. eufy says they are developing a solar panel for the 2c cameras. that solar panel will likely let the camera drop down to 75/80 percent before letting it fully charge the camera. it also might limit the charge to 80%.


I know this is a very old post, but it comes up high in Google rankings for this question, so this is for anyone else searching.

I have 4 eufy cameras and I will soon be plugging them in so I can turn on extra features without worrying about extra battery use. I plan to plug them into a smart plug and set a schedule so that it turns on to top the batteries back up. I’ll start at every 2 weeks and figure out the best timing once I see how much the battery drops. This way the battery isn’t kept at 100% all the time.

That’s actually a really good idea. I had never thought of that before. I have a 2C camera in my kitchen but it’s been plugged into the wall outlet for well over 2 months now because it’s too much of a pain to disconnect it from the mount, charge it, and remount it. This method would (in theory) save the battery on that 2C from kicking the bucket too soon.