Cam 3 Continuous Recording

I understand that due to the nature of the EufyCam 3 being battery powered, they do not support continuous recording. However, the clips either start too late or are too short at my high traffic location. It would be nice if Eufy gave users the option to at least do continuous recording with the EufyCam 3, especially since they already offer RTSP support. It would not be that hard to have text with the continuous recording option saying that it would severely degrade battery charge. It would just be nice if they left it up to the user to determine how they wanted to use this.

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The main issue that comes to mind, which I suspect to be true of any camera with a battery inside of it, has something to do with the camera battery potentially overheating due to constant use. I have never seen a battery camera that can do 24/7 recording. Even battery cameras with solar or a constant power source never seem to have a 24/7 recording option.

Have you tried using the “Optimal Surveillance” or “Customized” options? I mean, up to 2m recording and a 5s trigger are almost as good as constant recording, I’d say. I haven’t had any issues with my Eufycam 3 except for wifi/distance problems Eufy helped me solve that.

I’m sure you are correct about the battery usage and overheating. I would assume that would hurt the overall life of the battery as well. I just would like to have more flexibility with the cameras and their abilities. For example, if it actually does record in 2K/4K, give the option to let it do that all the time. Plus, even if I didn’t do continuous recording, even the events that would be exported to Synology storage would not be saved in 2K format.

In regards to the 2m recording with 5s trigger, I did actually set mine up for that as well. The problem for me is that I live on a really busy street and it would trigger when the people or animal was completely out of view and then record for 2m of nothing. I ended up taking my 4K cameras down and putting my 2K ones back up so I could at least continuous record. It gives me the ability to at least see anything it may have recorded late or missed. I plan on selling my 4K cams and Homebase 3 soon.

Agree. Continuous recording will be helpful. Sometimes the clip started way too slow.

Absolutely agree here and this is why I NEVER buy a battery based security camera. There isnt a single battery based security camera on the market that can physically pull off the task of being a security camera because it’s simply to late if it’s not doing continuous recording. About 40-45% of the time, the alert itself is late so by the time it starts recording… the event has passed. Thus, you waste 2 mins looking at absolutely nothing. With a wired camera it has the ability to begin the video at 2, 5, maybe even 15 seconds BEFORE the alert even took place, therefore it’s accuracy is LIGHTYEARS ahead of any battery based security camera. Battery based security cameras simply are NOT viable for security cameras and anyone who tells you otherwise will also easily be convinced that the earth is flat. Physics just dont allow it with current battery technology.

The only usecase for a battery based security camera is for LONG events. IE: Standing in front of it and doing an interview. Anything beyond that… total waste of time. But if thats what you’re doing with it, then its better to just get a camera designed for that purpose. There are hundreds of good webcams specifically for that. Many of them are even wireless… with batteries.

Huh :rofl: I wonder where are these are