C2 camera motion detection


New to eufy range, and although great, I am getting frustrated with the motion detection, to the point I am considering sending everything back.

I have two camera at front of the house, and despite setting detection zones, they still detect movement of vehicles and people way out off zone.

Can anyone advise what is going on, or a fix?

Im not surehow the c2 cams work i got outdoor c22 and c24 cams and an indoor 2k cam and they all have the ability in the motion detection settings to detect human, pets, or all. If the c2 cam has it make sure himan is ticked and not all

Hi there,
It’s quite odd, after a few days of the cameras picking up too much motion, they seemed to have flipped and are now hardly picking anything up.

People have literally walked across full frame, and the cameras have been oblivious. Despite sensitivity being ok max etc

I understand, eufy uses an integrated ai chip in their cameras that tries to identify a human the best it can, i own 3 different camera products from eufy and they all seem to miss some people through out the day, but theres not much else u can do unless u want to put the cameras on to capture all motion and not just human. I also suggest contacting eufy through email or phone and tell them about the issue because then maybe if they got enough people complaining about it to them thry can work on updating their software for the ai and push out an update.