Brand new camera glitches

I just purchased a brand new two camera kit of the 2c camera and one is very glitchy. The other one further away is fine. Why is this? Is the camera defective?

I am actually having the same issue right out of the box. One cam works perfectly and the other has issues with its night vision and doesn’t seem to have as wide of a view as the other cam

Confirming you tried a firmware update on both the camera and homebase?

To follow up on my comment: I was offered an exchange on the camera that was buggy… Go to to start the process. Form was very simple to fill out. However, you will need to submit a photo of your receipt. Hope this helps…

Having the same issue on a brand new system. Removed it and reset it. Updated firmware still issues. I’ve done everything on my end I can do gonna send it back. My other eufy camera that came with this 2 pack works perfectly.

Thank you for reaching out.

Could you please let us know your eufy account? And the also serial number for the Homebase, so we can upgrade the firmware version for you.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.

I’m having the same issue. I bought the Eufy cam 2c 3 pack bundle with homebase 2 and one of the cameras keeps glitching every few seconds to the point it gets really annoying. every video recorded has the glitch on it. this is a brand new system which I recently bought on amazon.

Thanks for your email.

We are really sorry to hear that one of the cameras does not work properly, please provide us with more details about the issue. Then we can provide some specific troubleshooting ideas.

Also, please feel free to reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

I found that some of the 2Cs have different lenses, which affects the wide angle slightly (discovered when I received replacement for glitchy system)
See image below, left camera has wider angle than the one on the right… lenses are noticeably different.