Blue light on homebase 2 no longer working?

Same with me! No blue light but system seems to be working. Is this a firmware issue?

Ugh ……

Totally outrageous! blue light decided to give up itself someday. I complained to Eufy support and they admitted mine is defective and offered me 1 to 1 exchange. waited for 1 months + and finally gotten the replacement set. plug in and setup and bang! same old shit. no blue light indicator… Eufy, first and last.

Seems pretty common with the blue light on Homebase 2 not working. Mines the same. I thought it was the power cable as it was kind of flickering but it’s now permanently off. The red light works fine when restarting but no blue light. A glitch with the firmware?

I to am now experiencing this issue. No blue light. Red works fine when resetting all cameras working normally. Not good Eufy. That blue light was reassuring to see that the system was working fine. Not happy and I have recommended to 3 friends whom all have purchased systems and now I’m concerned their systems will also fail in the same way as mine. :rage:


I’m having the same blue light problem. It took me awhile to save up for this and I am not inclined to purchase another.
I depend on that blue light to let me know when the system is online.
Shame on you Eufy for not publicly addressing this problem.

Our Homebase is acting the same as the video posted by Bac7.

Random flashing and dimming blue light. System is working normally. Guessing it’s just an led issue.

I have the same situation with the blue light now not showing. It is a real pain if you want to keep an eye on the system operating properly. I was just about to buy another add on camera although they have risen by $50 in a week. I am not going to extend this system if this is any example of what I’m in for. This is not peace of mind.

I am going out of my way to let people know about the same issue I am having with the blue light but working. I will NEVER buy another Eufy product and NEVER recommend their products.

Had my HomeBase for 3 years now and so far blue light still works

My blue light has been working intermittently for the past 2 months, which I put down to flakey internet connection. Why it needs an internet connection though, is beyond me? As long as the local network is fine, it should be recording, but it hasn’t been!

Stopped working completely last week, at about 15 months old. Red light is still working, and it’s still recording when I have an internet connection, so the homebase is still working though.

The same blue light is dead and worst it won’t record motions as it use to. Only 1.5 yrs of usage, pretty disappointed.

Yes it is !

Hello.I had the same problem with the blue LED.It is a problem with how they soldered the components on the main board and it is a problem of contact on the mainboard.I you have some experience in electronics, you must to resolder the LED component.You must to dissasemble the Homebase and after, you can to resolder the LED component. I have resoldered the LED component and now is working and the blue light is on.
The LED component is very small, it is a Surface Mounted Component and you must be careful when you resold this component.


I have the exact same issue with blue led out however system is working (cameras recording). If I reset Homebase 2 then I get solid red led, then flashing red led, and finally system comes up with no blue led. Also I used to have voice prompts saying that system switched to Wi-Fi then back to Ethernet during the reset but those are now gone as well. I contacted Eufy but out of warranty-no dice. In fairness they did offer a 15% discount on any Eufy purchase up to $100.00. Then I surfed over to and snagged a new Homebase 2 for special sale discount of $55.99. Sale only lasts another 12 hours so if you want to take advantage of it get on over to

Forgot to mention that also offers extended warranty (see site for pricing).

No blue LED. Superficially devices seemingly work, but have not drilled down on all the features.

Response from CS, FWIW:
“To get started, may I trouble you first confirming with us that if other devices connected to this Homebase could still function well except for the abnormal indicator? If so, we consider the LED of the base station is very likely to be out of order now. But please rest assured that if other devices still perform well, it won’t affect the normal working and performance of the Homebase and system.”