Blue light on homebase 2 no longer working?

So, the blue light did not come back but it is now flashing randomly. I made a video to show you

Same with my Homebase 2, the blue is flashing randomly. It started after 6 months off using the Homebase 2.

My home base went offline… both cameras offline. Tried everything… unplugged everything plugged back in still only red light no blue light and still offline!! At a loss… any suggestions?

I also no longer have a blue light on mine. It used to when the system was plugged in, had internet connection and online, etc. It would be red if it lost internet connection or when starting up.
No idea what happened. It just sits there on top of a shelf doing its thing. So have no clue why the blue LED would just die out or short our.

Same exact thing happened to my Home Base as well. Was working fine, then cameras went offline, once I reset the home base the blue indicator LED stopped working. I have restarted the home base multiple times with no luck it getting it to come back on. The red indicator still works though. I’ve emailed eufy and will update if I hear back. I believe I’m just out of my warranty period too. I liked eufy at first but have had numerous issues lately.

Mine’s been burned out for a while. It still functions, so I didn’t worry about it, but yeah, looks like a widespread issue, don’t think it’s software. Bad solder joints or just cheap LED’s that are burning out prematurely.

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Same issue here with no blue light. Glad I saw this posting, so now I’ll stop trying to fix it. Out of warranty. Does make me wonder about long term quality of product.

Mine stopped working months ago.

After 11 months… noticed yesterday blue light is gone. Red still works.

Mine has stopped working after a recent firmware update. Also randomly losing connection to a couple of cameras, which have previously been fine. Don’t think it’s just the led failing. And mine also a month out of warranty…go figure!

Just adding my broken blue light to the list. Noticed it this morning.
Really regret investing in this system now
Doorbell and 2 pro cameras. They still don’t work with Google home to any degree of usefulness. Waiting 15 to 20 seconds to connect, if at all is too slow. No Google as a chime. Total garbage really.

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You can add my homebase to the list of light NOT working. EUFY, do the right thing, at least reply to this.

We just opened our homebase security 4 cam set and the blue light doesn’t come on. Only red light stays on. What is the fix?

Re: the blue light issues that have been highlighted by customers, does no one from Eufy monitor and reply to these posts? Their silence and lack of response indicates that they don’t really care about customers or product support. Potential buyers beware and consider alternative manufacturers!

Here the same problem, everything is working fine except that freaking blue light… So frustrating😬

This is a community forum

Hi, I have the same problem… so the blue light of homebase 2 doesn’t work… but it a firmware problem or a hardware problem? What can I do? Please help me…

Same here,Eufy please help?

Same here. Blue LED is not working. Just noticed it a couple of days ago. Unit is 6 months old.

Why does this thread continue…. It’s NORMAL! Have them replace it… or realize it’s just eufy crap that they have no intention to fix. Put tape over it and move on.

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