Blue and red flashing and not paired with base or app

Hi, suddenly one of my eufy cam is disconnected from base, the light out the front flashing blue and red
I tried to hold the sync for 5s to reset but nothing work
How to reset the cam please? I have also by mistake removed the device from my phone
Thank you

Red and Blue flashing LED means the camera was being updated. If you tried to reset while an update was going on, you could have a brick on your hands. The app help gives a list status LED codes to help when you see an abnormal condition.

I would follow the Help directions in the app to see if you can get the camera back working. If that doesn’t work, contact and give them complete information on the camera. Maybe they can unlock it from the back end.

Also, when you ask for help here, let us know which cameras and homebase you have. The more detail you give, the easier it is to give you precise directions.

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I have a S330 camera that keeps flashing with a solid red and 3 blues lights.

It does that every 20 seconds.

It did this right from the start and I haven’t been able to use it.


I have the same issue and I cant seem to make it work again,