Black eufy cam2?

Has anyone changed the color of the eufy cam2 security cam to black or a different color? White kind of stands out against my brick and either painting or plasti dipping it to black would help to camouflage it a bit. Has anyone done it? Also wonder if doing so would void any warranties or create an instance where it being black would make the unit too hot. Thanks for any insight.


Hi Egornic,

Thank you for choosing eufy. The Silicone Case of Black is coming soon! Use it can disguise your eufyCam from the brick.


good option for sure…

2c too pls!!

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Yes it will have soon!

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Sounds like it’s coming
The black color I mean

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You will not wait long!

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Glad to know the wait is over… silicon case was asked when the original eufycam was launched

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@Ewen Awsome news that’s excellent to hear! Will there be accessories for the eufy 2k wired bell as well as the 2C cams? If so Im looking forward to more options.

The Silicone Case of Black for 2C Cams are coming too! I believe you can get it in April.
What kind of accessories do you need for eufy video doorbell? Your needs, my power.

anyway there will be some sort of case for the floodlight cam?

I know this is not about a case but I would love if you made a new floodlight that connects to a homebase!

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Is there a silicon case with typical brown & green camouflage colors for the 2C, similar to wildlife cams? If so pls provide a link where I can purchase it. Otherwise I will have to paint my 2C. B/W was not a very good idea, except if you want the camera to stand out whereever you mount it.

Silicon cases are only available in B/W for now, no idea if eufy plans to release other variants.
You might want to paint the cases to camouflage rather than the cam itself.

I have a eufyCam 2 Pro in a tree, and it stood out in white so I got a camouflage beanie hat and secured it over the camera with black duct tape. A tree bark pattern would have been ideal, but it’s much more inconspicuous now than it was.

Eufy, please make black cameras. I do not have white paint on my house, so white stands out. So I am purchasing silicone skins and black mounts. But these are an additional expense, and third party magnetic mounts are not as good.