Big lag between doorbell press and notification

I purchased this doorbell based on reviews and the speed at which the notification of the bell being pressed appeared on people’s devices.

However my experience has been a good 5 - 10 second delay between the press and a notification appearing.

Homebase is connected via Ethernet on a fibre connection, around 6m from the door bell and around the length of the supplied Ethernet cable away from my router.

Any ideas?

Do you have the possibility to extend your cable? And, what are your settings? I have my doorbell set to only send text notification. Because of this I have near enough instant notification.

Same problem here: 10-15s delay between push on the button and notification on my iPhone. Was better a couple of days ago

Doorbell press does not use picture in notification.

Are you both on iOS? I’m on android without any issues.
The settings should not matter in this case, as the button press should be instant (and requires no AI detection or whatever).

Ah so you think because it’s busy detecting motion and sending a thumbnail this may then be delaying the ring press alert?