Better not having a technical issue with your cameras

Dear Community members,

I wanted to share with you my experience with Eufy Customer Care.
I have supported their original Kickstarter Campaign from Day 1.
When I received my cameras, back early 2019, I realised this was one of my best Kickstarter founding ever.
The cameras work perfectly, the App is great, really nothing to complain.
Since, I have purchased 4 more cameras and additional 7 door sensors so I believe I’m quite loyal customer to Eufy.
Last week I discovered on two on my original cameras, while taking them out for recharging, that both had craks on the lens (which I could never see in the streaming) .
I made a kick post here in the community and got feedback that it was an identified issue on original cameras. As I leave in Europe, Warranty rules are imposed by European Community for a period of 2 years so I’m not so concerned and I’m contacting Eufy Customer Care.
Needless to say that since my first email to them, answers have been beyond unacceptable… ( See below)

Dear Fred

Thank you for your quick response.

We can fully understand your order is from our KICKSTARTER campaign, so the warranty date is starting from the shipping date for the order.

Unfortunately, your order expired its 12-month warranty on Dec 10th, 2019. Since this order is already outside the warranty period, I’m afraid an exchange is not possible.

We register all defects and evaluate them statistically. These statistics enable us to identify any increased defect rates or concentrated product problems, so thank you for letting us know about your product.

*If the item you’re having issues with happens to be from a different order that was placed within the past 12 months, please let me know and I will look into it. Again, I apologize for any and all disappointment! *

Thank you, and have a good day.

*Dear Fred *

*Thank you for your response. *

This is Wendy, the manager of customer support.

Thank you for reaching out and we can fully understand your frustration in this situation.

Our company policy guarantees a very uncomplicated and customer-friendly guarantee processing within 12 months after purchase. Subsequently, the burden of proof reversal applies by law.

*If you wish to proceed with a 2-year warranty claim, the burden of proof rests on you. Under EU law, during the first 6 months of a 2 year warranty, the only proof we need you to show us is that the item you received is either faulty in any way or not as advertised in order to receive a replacement or a refund. Our policy even offers 12 months. After this 12-month period, however, the burden of proof shifts to the customer, who has to prove that the device was damaged when they received it or that the defect happened because of an issue with the quality of the item. *

After providing this burden of proof that the item came to you defective, we are happy to exchange the device as part of the warranty. Please let us know if/when you are able to obtain the burden of proof so we can move ahead with your request.

Please know we would like to make up for this inconvenience. While there isn’t anything I can do about an out-of-warranty product, I would like to offer you 20% off your next eufy purchase of any single item, worth up to $100. Simply make another order and email me the new order number. Once the order has gone through, I can issue 20% back in the same way your order was put in.

*I genuinely hope you decide to take advantage of this offer and give Anker products another shot. Know that you are important to us, and if there was more I could do, I really would. *

Have a wonderful day! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

In other words, this is up to me to prove that my cameras are faulty and furthermore, they don’t even want to comply with European regulations.

They have developed a product that-we’re not supposed to touch often because of the long battery life and when you discover such an issue on your camera that you haven’t recharged for 6 month then they’re hiding behind warranty rules that are not even legal.

I was a great promoter to Eufy but I’m so disappointed by their poor customer care that I’ll make sure this poor service is visible to the outside world.
We’re buying expensive systems for our security and for them to last, and this guys don’t even care and kick you out after 12 months.

It was important for me to share with you all.


Dear @Fred16,

I am very sorry to hear that there were problems processing your case.

I have checked this case again, so sorry that the customer representative needs to apply the 12-month warranty policy for this KICKSTARTER order.

We are always working to improve our products and our services. We are therefore very happy to receive your feedback and we’re very happy to be forwarded to our related departments.

We are constantly working on creating new products and improving the existing ones and it is users like you that inspire us to continue down this path.

If you have further questions or problems with our product, we are always happy to help.

I look forward to your feedback if you wish and wish you a very pleasant day.

Sorry to tell you that your message is totally useless and not bringing any value to my case.
Sorry to realise that your brand is not even considering poeple who “helped” you bringing to life this category
But As I mentioned to customer care, I’ll make sure consumers are aware about the way you consider your users and the way your respect European warranty regulations.

Dear @Fred16,

At eufy, every single user/customer is important for us. And we are always trying our best to make things right.

Our footprint in the French market is rather small. We will keep improving our product and service for all the eufy fans that support our brand since the beginning.

Thank you for your understanding. Have a beautiful day.