Beginner's guide for your Indoor Cam

Believed that some fans had received the latest new product - Indoor Cam, which is tailored for your family. Still, we want to be sure we can help you achieve the best user experience possible!:blush:

To that end, this post will briefly explain some fantastic feature and providing some tips and our customer service contact that can improve the time it takes for your device to unlock.

More Tips For you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • The fantastic feature is of course not limited to the above, dive into the eufy Security community, which will be constantly updated with various useful and interesting guidelines!

  • To some extent, you can restart your device to make it easier to run.

If you have any usage problems, please feel free to contact our customer service team via will reply to you as soon as possible.


When is HomeKit support being released? It’s advertised all over the website and it’s not available…


Be more specific. Homekit support for which products? And Homekit, or Homekit secure video.


I’d be happy with just Homekit on the indoor cameras


Question. When are the pre-order expected to arrive?

I got mine yesterday and no HomeKit


Agreed. WTF? I thought these were always supposed to be HomeKit native. I’ve wasted the better part of yesterday evening and this morning having to look at “Accessory cannot be found” or some crap and being told to make sure my router was plugged in to Ethernet. Very frustrating.


Great features, thanks for sharing!!

I believe HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video will arrive. If you look at Help there is a section for the two features, although no content there.

Someone posted a review of Pan & Tilt with HomeKit and Secure Video feature in it. Maybe it’s using some beta firmware. I would love to try out HomeKit even with a beta firmware.

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Is there a way to make the built in siren to go off when motion is detected?

Yes, it’s an option in the Security Tab in the app: Either Home or Away…check box… Record Video, Push Notification, Camera Alarm

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So far I have been very happy with the 2k Indoor Camera compared to my old Arlo Q cameras. The ability to do CVR locallly is awesome.

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Indoor Cam obviously, that’s what this thread is for. Are any other products mentioned here?

And I meant HomeKit, because that is what is specifically called out everywhere on the site and when I ordered. I couldn’t have been more clear.

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I have some questions on the eufy indoor cam.

  1. Does the camera have a jpeg/mpeg stream that can be accessed.,
  2. Is there a plan to add a live grid view for the powered cameras so multiple can be seen at once.
  3. Does the indoor camera have the ability to set a static IP address.
  1. You can use RTSP with NVR that support the protocol. 2. Not 100% clear on what you are asking. I would expect you can play more then one camera at a time now.
  2. You dont need to set this on the camera, but in the dvice handeling your DHCP. Setup a DHCP reservation so that it is given the same ip everytime.

I have a VM running Motioneye right now that us collecting the RTSP stream. And it is working pretty good. I even found a tweak to add audio into the recorded clip. I will be getting the Pan and Tilt in tomorrow and will tell you how they integrate together after a bit of testing.


If you set your system to ‘Away’ instead of ‘Home’ it will go off.

Seems you failed to read the information, since it has NEVER been advertised that INDOOR cams were shipping with Homekit. And drop the attitude. Plenty of people here confuse HK and HKSV. Figure it out on your own, since you want to be rude when someone was attempting to assist you, and perhaps read more carefully before you buy things.

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I knew exactly what I was talking about. You tried to tell me I didn’t.

What does this email from April 17th stating “Works with Apple HomeKit” mean to you? :roll_eyes:

And? It’s in Homekit testing now, and was submitted for cert by Apple way back then on the back end. If that’s THAT big of a deal for you, then buy something else.

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You’re trying to tell me they didn’t say something, but they did. Get your facts right, that’s all I’m saying. Don’t try to defend the company for their delay and false advertising. It was plastered all over their website too and took weeks to remove.

I’m happy with the indoor cam and I’m looking forward to HomeKit and HKSV when it’s released, but they messed on the messaging on this and let a lot of people down.

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