Battery powered door bell late response time

Anybody else door bell start recording super late. I have a long drive way. The cam don’t start recording into the person is at my door or leaving. Not while they are walking up to the door.

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Yep, mine is the same…and mine is hardwired to the existing chime. It takes a full 2-3 seconds to wake up & start recording. So I usually get the delivery person as he is already inside my screen door and in front of the doorbell…and then leaving. Or any person that does not pause at my door, like a family member going in or out. But…this is what PIR sensors are known for. But if someone walks up to my doorbell and rings it or just knocks on the door, my Eufy doorbell records it. So, I’m satisfied but wish the recording started a couple of seconds sooner. I send (donate) clips to Eufy when the motion recording is very late so they can maybe improve the motion detection.


Mine seems ok.
I’ve got it set to high sensitivity and the zone is just above my wall. I get notified before they get to the door and recording starts as they’re half way down my steps.

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Same here. Support told me to adjust the sensitivity, but that just made it alert on plants swaying in the wind. I think the issue is that the battery model doesn’t have the “pre-record” feature the wired-only model has. Doesn’t look like there’s an option to enable it even if you have it hard-wired.


Could the battery doorbell if connected to the mains have the 3 sec pre record. Would be a good feature


Found this, may be helpful ->

And, based on this review (@5:48), wires may trigger quicker than battery powered ->

I did the same. Hoping enough people complain they figure out something

I don’t know what your doing different. I tried with high sensitivity, without and with active zone. With out active zone I get a little better wake up time

I don’t know if that matter. I had the wired one first and upgraded to this one

I found that the highest setting was draining the battery to much , so lower it to setting 4. It mostly started recording just before the person gets to the door. In the end I’ve wired it up to the old doorbell wire. Still get few detections out side the activity zone.

Feels like a lot of bugs in the software. Hopefully they will have firmware update.

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I did have issues with my PIR, because mine was next to a white wall where 40% is this wall I got a friend to 3D print me a wedge which moves my image more central and also disabling night vision worked wonders on my set up.

I tried the same

Mine pretty flat. I guess I can try the wedge that come with it