Battery powered 2k doorbell only working when on charge!?

So I have had a Eufy 2k battery powered doorbell with homebase2 for around 3 months. Over the last couple of weeks, the doorbell feels like it’s fallen asleep. It occasionally will capture a motion but not all of them. It doesn’t ring unless you press the button multiple times, and then it will only ring locally at the doorbell, not at the homebase.

I’ve tried resetting, changing from ethernet to WiFi, fully charging, resyncing. I’ve been on to eufy who have asked me to change all number of settings but to no avail. Literally nothing seems to fix the doorbell and wake it from its slumber. Today I decided to plug the doorbell in and suddenly it’s picking up motion and will ring properly whilst sitting on charge in my kitchen. When I take it off charge, it’s back to its sleepy self.

Has anyone else had this issue? It feels like it’s power related, maybe a duff battery? Such a shame as it didn’t even last a single charge if that is the case.


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I’m surprised Eufy didn’t offer to send you a new doorbell. That’s there usual fallback if they can’t fix the problem. It does sound like a bum battery or a bad charger or cable. Are you charging the battery all the way up? What does the power manager say about its charge level after you charge it?

It started before I’d even charged it for the first time. The battery got down to about 25% before I charged it back up fully. Put it back on the wall and the problems still persisted. The battery had dropped to about 87% before I took it off the wall again yesterday to plug it in for a charge, that’s when I noticed it was fully responsive and acting as it should when plugged in.

I’m waiting to hear more from eufy but they did mention I’d have to go back to where I bought it. They won’t replace it themselves, which I found odd!

I had an electrician connected mine to 240v so I didn’t have to keep charging mine.