Battery life rubbish

The battery life of the door bell is rubbish. It just last for max two months. I cannot believe they claim it last for 6 months. I have tried all possible settings etc, nothing works. Either the door bell is faulty or the claims are misleading.

Same happened to me, there weren’t even a lot of detections. Eventually I just wired it up.

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So far mine lasted 30 days on first charge, and 2 weeks on each 2nd and 3rd charges! :frowning_face:

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I hope this is not an indicator of the battery life on mine! Charged it to 100% for install today. One measly hour later, battery is at 83%! I charged it back up If this keeps up, my ownership may not last 24 hours. I will not be charging this thing more than I charge my cellphone!

EDIT: It is now 7:21 pm, about 30 minutes after my first post, and the battery is now at 95%! I’ve had 1 person come to the door with no other activity, and adjusted the sensitivity lower. At this point, this is unacceptable. It won’t go a day without recharging, much less 120 days. This is the battery operated 1080p model, fresh out of the box today. Grrrrr!