Battery life on smart lock not even close to a year

The description of the Eufy Wifi Lock (not the one that requires the hub, the one that has WiFi built in) states battery lasts up to 12 months Amazon currently says “Plenty of Power - The huge 10,000mAh rechargeable battery keeps Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi powered for up to 18 months.”. This is one of the reasons I bought this lock. I have had it installed for roughly 4 months, and have needed to charge it 3 times (including the initial charge). That means at best it is lasting 2 months. I turn on auto lock at 10:30 PM, and turn it off at 6:30 AM and the door is mostly unlocked all day…in other words, it locks/unlocks on average 2 times a day (unlocks in the morning, and locks at night), and almost always the unlock is manually done when we are leaving. So really it locks once a day most days. (oh, and this is in SoCal, so not even remotely cold!)

Is this battery defective, or is the description just a lie?

I bought 2 of the smart locks with wifi and both of my batteries only last two months also. I have put in requests for eufy to explain or resolve but it all comes down to they really don’t care about it.
My solution would be to sell us a second battery we could keep charged up so you could just swap the battery out with a charged one but I can’t find one for sale from eufy.
After dealing with this company I have come to the conclusion that they just want you to buy more stuff. The will promise you the moon and their devices are nice but they really don’t care.

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I have the same issue with my Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi (model T8520). I fully charged it out of the box and got maybe 3 weeks out of the battery before it said it was low. A subsequent full charge was even worse with about 14 days of use before getting a low battery alert.

I contacted Eufy support concerned that my battery was bad, and they sent me a whole new lock because they didn’t have any standalone spare batteries (not a good sign). After swapping out the battery, it’s even worse now. The first full charge only gave me 10 days before receipt of a low battery alert. I am on the second charge now (9/6/21), and after only 6 days, I’m showing low battery today (9/13/21).

Clearly, there is an issue with this particular model. Based on my network activity, I can see that in the past week, the lock has about 600 MB of internet activity, which is a lot. My guess is the device is always sending/receiving traffic for some reason, and it’s killing the battery. Whether it’s something that can be fixed via firmware or an unfixable bad design of the device, something is causing the lock to drain the battery well ahead of its advertised life. A real bummer because the lock is great otherwise, but if this defect can’t be fixed, I need to get a refund and move on.


I am having the exact same issue and their Amazon is littered with the same. I will basically use this thing until a clear alternative comes out and then return it to Amazon.

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I have the same issue, the battery doesn’t last very long on this unit. I will look to other manufacturers in the future. I have another brand at home and 4AA batteries last about a year. Went with Eufy because consumer reports liked it. Wrong move, not trusting CR as much anymore.

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I have same issue, the wifi is so talkative that my batteries need to be replaced every 4 weeks. This is insane