Battery life on doorbell

I’ve just charged the doorbell to 100% & in 24hrs 1 segment has gone . Yes it’s on surveillance & the highest video quality but night vision is turned off. At this rate I couldn’t go on holiday for 2 weeks without this thing running out of power.

@Scottirons how many times a day is the doorbell detecting movement and how long are these videos lasing?

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I turned the doorbell to the lowest setting ie just a doorbell until today as I had a delivery coming. The bell recorded 3 movements, 2 x 50 seconds & bizarrely the actual delivery for 11 seconds. I had the record setting set to 50secs. The battery is now down to 75%. Two days & it’s lost a 1/4 of its charge, there’s no way on earth this is going to last a month never mind the 6 month advertised.

In that case you should report this to customer services. I’m sure they will be more than happy to help you out.

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Issue is well known to eufy support as many others have reported this. They have done nothing about it and suggest it’s “normal” based on the number of detections. According to eufy, my camera detects over 50 detections on a quiet suburban street with at most, two people walking by, well outside the established detection zone.

On average, I charge mine every two weeks… I have sent in data logs, adjusted my settings to every possible combination and replaced my unit in the instance it was faulty - with no resolution. Eufy support has ignored this issue completely.

Wow, that sounds like a nightmare!

I last charged my doorbell to 100% 61 days ago.

It looks like mine will last maybe another 45 days or so. This is still a lot less than the advertised 6 months but its not too bad. Especially with all the video recordings.

They do say to add a motion sensor above your door to increase your battery life but I think you guys are a lost cause!!

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i got my video doorbell in april. charged it before use, set it for optimal battery life. as of yesterday with over 300 events (very little for the time in service) the battery is at 18% and time to recharge. something is up with the op’s unit. samthompson - with over 1100 recorded events with optimal surveillance enabled, yours looks like it’s doing fine.