Battery doorbell unable to connect to homebase2

Hi I have newly purchased the battery doorbell with Homebase2. When connecting for the first time, the homebase2 connected to the security app with no issues. But Unable to connect the device message thrown every time when I try to add the battery doorbell.

Your support is appreciated.

Is your homebase connected to the router with Ethernet or Wifi.

What color is the LED on the Homebase? Should be solid Blue.

Does it say Unable to connect or Cannot add device?

Hi there,

Homebase 2 connected successfully and the colour is solid blue. The error is Unable to Add Device.

Steps followed

  1. Scan the QR code on Doorbell
  2. Click SYNC button and had wait till the beep is sound
  3. Click Next

Homebase 2 even emit sound as well and the security app progress in emitting shows on the doorbell. Then after a while the homebase said Unable to add device.

Doorbell press button blink blue and Homebase voice message said unable to add device, Also on security app Unable to add doorbell.

Currently Homebase 2 is connected to the internet. Doorbell beep is also heard and the both homebase and doorbell sitting next to each other.

Appreciate your response

Is the homebase connected by cable or wifi?

Connected by Ethernet cable. This is the first time set up.

So you should be good. I would drop an email or call support and see if they can help. I had one issue like this when I first signed up and they walked me through some steps to get things added. Since then its been solid.

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That’ll be good. But please note I am based in Australia.

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Have you reset the homebase at some point? Maybe that could resolve the problem too.

All, finally managed to call Eufy AU support and found out to be the doorbell is faulty. Replacement is received and the doorbell is connected to Homebase 2 successfully just now. Thanks all for replies.