Battery doorbell offline

Offline offline offline come on eufy figure this crap out

I have the same issue here. Everytime it’s going offline. Biggest crapp I’ve ever bought.

I was having the same problem. The doorbell was continuously offline. Eufy weren’t giving any helpful advice. They had even said that the doorbell radio was faulty. I returned the whole product for a new one. The replacement was slightly better would only go offline once a day. That was until a firmware update to the HomeBase 2 last week. Then it spent most of it’s time offline. Contacted Eufy again and again they said the unit needed to be replaced. I said how is the hardware faulty when a firmware update made it worse. I had tried the home base in different positions near my router, nothing had helped. It had always bothered me that wifi and the eufy signal was 2.4GHz. So as a last ditch attempt. I set the HomeBase to use Wi-Fi and unplugged it from the router. I placed the homebase on the first floor of my house above the doorbell. 5m away from my router. It has now been online for 2 days without any break in service. Touch wood! Fingers crossed!

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Same issue, but mostly when pressing twice (2 times) on the doorbell, it switches to “online” (for some time). I’ve even added a label to the doorbell (“please press twice”… :roll_eyes:)