Battery doorbell losing its settings

So I am currently in contact with eufy support about my doorbell resetting the chime settings.
The original problem is this:
I have a mechanical chime, so I have set it to the corresponding setting as per manual instructions.
After a few days, I noticed that the ding-dong sound from my chime was delayed (not ding-dong, but ding…dong). So I set it (back) to mechanical and it worked again, no questions asked.
Earlier this week I noticed again that the bell lost the mechanical chime setting and there was a delay in the chime sound.

So the answer from support was as follows:

I have contacted our technician. This might because of the spring strength. The spring strength is not enough, and caused this kind of delay “ding …dong”.
But this will not affect the usage of this item. I hope you can understanding.

A bit of a strange answer, so I replied for clarification. Have yet to receive an answer to that.
So tonight I noticed (and was reminded of earlier incidents) where the LED around the button was on when it detects motion. I never liked that, so I turned it off since I got the device. It magically enables the LED again after some time, and it keeps doing that.

So my conclusion is that somehow the doorbell is not saving its setting correctly.

I am wondering if others have the same problem?

It might even be related to the homebase that emits no sound when the doorbell is rang: it does not save the setting to do so.

Yes, I have the same issue. I read somewhere that the setting internally may be changing the indoor chime type from Mechanical to Digital Chime (even though you have set it to Mechanical).

You may find, that reconfirming your chime type to mechanical with solve it, but sadly it will only last for a day, and the same problem.

I have the exact same issue and spoke to Eufy higher ups and tested the device with a multimeter and in fact it shorts out too long and even if you set it up and it works now… within a day or couple of hours its messed up again. I think when it switches back to AC recharge mode it gets messed up. Either way Eufy is incapable of fixing this. They say it’s not compatible with my mechanical chime and try to avoid fixing it. Think its terrible service really.