Battery Doorbell - Downward Angled Shim

Not sure how many people are in the same boat, but I would like to find a shim for the battery doorbell (and some non-battery doorbell owners may have an interest as well) that moves the angle down by 7 to 10 degrees. There’s obviously a cost associated with including the included 15 degree side shim, but perhaps a similar up/down shim could be included for those with a specific need. The upward angle might have application for locations where the entrance is at the bottom of a set of stairs.


As Ring doorbell where both shim are included.

Have you tried mounting the doorbell horizontally with the enclosed shim for now. The image may off by 90degrees just rotate to watch. Maybe an interim solution till someone make one or you can fashion it out of a piece of plywood scrap , you do need a sander.

Oh yes, try a door wedge or wooden shims from a hardware store.

There is one on eBay

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I made one out of wood and then painted it. I had to push mine out past the brick as well.

Would you mind sharing a pic?

image image


That looks great but they shouldn’t require the consumers to have to go out their way to diy or purchase a third party shim. It should all be in one package as part of the doorbell.

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All of the black plastic you see came with the doorbell. The wood is what I cut. With that said I do have the tools to be able to cut a piece of wood at a custom angle and screw it in.

I also was looking for this angle, they could also sell different angle degree wedges for a small fee.