Battery Doorbell (Daily Ovetheats)

Curious if anyone else has an Battery Doorbell that overheats every day…

It’s funny I have two and the other unit doesn’t overheat.
It’s only 26*Degrees Celsius in Bundaberg Aus.

The unit that ovetheats is hardwired to the house and normally happens around the same time 4pm with the afternoon sun.


P.s if the image attaches the box around the bell
Is to try reduce it happening so often. And yes it’s under a shelter

Thank you for reaching out! @mattcooper

So sorry to learn this issue with your battery doorbell.

For the Video doorbell/camera, please noted that the operating temperature range is from -4°f (-20°C) to 122°F (50°c).

We always suggest keeping away from the white wall and direct sunlight, so the video quality won’t overexposed. This is the first time we received the overheating issue, if possible, could you please send us an email to so we can further assist you?

In this case, could you please send us some photos of your install environment so we can have the engineering team look into this case for you?

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

Have you tried measuring the voltage to it? The higher the voltage the more heat is generated inside

I just received the same message yesterday while it was only 21 degrees outside ( the message stated that it couldnt charge when temperatures would rise above 40 degrees or something like that ). My doorbell is also hardwired to the existing wiring and nothing special in terms of placement. Besides that it does show the charging animation/icon, but I have a strong feeling that it isn’t charging at all as percentage is going down without any visible recharging happening during the night or anything.

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Thanks folks for posting about these wiring and overheating concerns. I thought I would add a bit to this discussion and include a question about the method, the “how” in terms of how Eufy wants us to hardwire the Eufy 2K batter doorbells. Assuming we have a transformer that meets requirements, it seems to me there are at least two ways to wire it:

  1. You could just use the existing wires from the pushbutton being replaced and connect those to the Eufy. Assuming there was a functional mechanical chime prior to the Eufy install, this method effectively places the Eufy bell in series with the chime coil (again, in the case of a mechanical chime, that’s standard wiring). Many video doorbell competitors (that don’t work as well as Eufy in my opinion) actually require this type of connection and warn of overheating and/or fire hazard if wired as I indicate in the 2nd method below.
  2. Or it’s physically possible to run those wires (from Eufy) direct to the transformer, bypassing any former mechanical chime unit. I found this thread while trying to determine if Eufy supports/recommends wiring direct to the transformer.

Then there is also the matter of setting the app “Indoor Chime” options to the proper type, and I wonder if that setting impact Eufy’s ability to charge and/or prevent overheating.

So for the folks reporting warnings of overheating, was this resolved, how are you wired, do have a functional mechanical chime?

For my part, I have a new Eufy 2K Battery that is working great on battery and eventually I will wire it. I prefer not to use the old chime and I’m wondering if Eufy supports “direct wiring to transformer”. I need to run new wires anyway because of the preferred location I chose for the Eufy.

Thanks all


The wired doorbell required direct connection to the transformer
The battery doorbell works with a chime but ankersupport failed to answer whether it has an internal resistor for direct connection to a transformer, if not then when the button is pressed it’ll short out the transformer hence the
“Many video doorbell competitors actually require this type of connection and warn of overheating and/or fire hazard if wired as I indicate in the 2nd method below.”

I personally would avoid this type of connection until eufy confirm that it’s safe to do so

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I am in the same situation now.
And waiting for eufy to respond too.
I want to wire the battery powered doorbell too.
And don’t want to use the original chime.

I just installed mine yesterday and got the alert a minute ago and its only 70 out. I have mine wired to the existing door bell wiring and chime.


My Eufy Doorbell does the same around 4 or 5 PM every day. It overheats and sends a message to my phone that it is overheating. Mine is wired to the existing doorbell. We are not having very hot weather yet compared to what is coming as Summer progresses.
Louisville KY


I have both the Wire and the Battery installed and never have had a temp warning. Both are connected to a Hampton Bay 16 VAC Transformer Wired Door Bell transformer.

One, the battery doorbell, is on the North facing main entry way and the other, the wired doorbell, is on West facing gate.

Wanted to add another data point. I installed the battery doorbell and get daily overheat messages as well. My door faces west and gets sun in the late afternoon. The overheat messages hit within 15 minutes of the same time every day. The outside temp is well within the operating temps the unit should be able to handle. The one common element I can find is the sun position in the lens. It seems that in my case having the bright light in the picture is causing the unit to throw the overheat message. I moved the unit to a more shaded spot and the time I get the message changed but still alerted when the sun hit the same spot in the picture. Maybe there is something causing the camera module to have a problem when it gets too much light and this is just the default message it picks to indicate a problem? Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to mount where no sun would hit the lens.


I’m in a similar situation in Southern Utah. I installed the battery doorbell within the last week, wiring it to the old doorbell chime. I’ll try battery only tonight after work.

I agree there should be another option besides black. My door faces southwest, and I get daily overheating errors from about 4:30pm to 8pm. When I try to view the doorbell camera live view, it just shows it as unreachable (not the “Doorbell has turned off due to overheating” screen you have).

To make matters worse, my phone shows “alerts” in the app for the Homebase, but with no information or notifications. My iPad gets notifications that the doorbell is turning off due to overheating, but the alerts don’t show up in its app.

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Exact same issue here in the Netherlands

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Same issue here in IL.
Already contacted support and still awaiting feedback if this is a fire hazard.
I have the eufy connected to the existing wirings.

I’m having the same issue in Chicago Illinois during sunset. Will be messaging support, took it off the mount and brought it inside just in case